Medicos' Education & Research Society of AMSA India

Our Aim

MERSA aims to guide medical students to analyze new innovative ideas, devise and conduct research projects and grow into pioneers of change in the medical fraternity by providing knowledge and opportunities to inspire the spirit of research among students all across the country, potentially even the world!

Our Vision

At MERSA, our vision is to provide guidance and support to all the budding researchers who might be enthusiastic but lacking resources to follow through on their ideas. We aim to ensure that each medical student across country is given the opportunity and means to explore the field of research and excel too!

Our Mission

As medical students from different parts of India, brought together by the AMSA India network, we have seen firsthand challenges medical students in India face when it comes to the support of gaining means of access and to be able to dabble in the field of research. It is with this experience that we find ourselves motivated to make a difference and to be conduit bridging gap with respect to research.